10 Best Money Making Apps That Pay Real Money in 2020

Best Money Making Apps for 2020

Best Money Making Apps for 2020

Do you want to make some cash with your smartphone? If your answer is positive, you should definitely check on some IOS or Android app that can reimburse your wallet and add more to your income. In a more advance world filled to the brim with tricky advertisement to download nasty and less important application, don’t relent or have a doubt on this information. You can actually make more legit currency with your smartphone without stressing a muscle. However, you might not become a billionaire during these processes; yet, you’ll be able to cover your days, monthly transaction and other significant bills. These money making machine applications range from Market research survey, Economy apps, to different Mobile advertising applications. You can download all these apps on your smart phone and improve your financial situation. All these series could be many and take time, sometimes, nevertheless, every cent counts.

These applications are genuine and most often free. Nevertheless, many online fraudsters make use of these opportunities to dupe many through extravagant profit or earning that’s possible in a jiffy as a bait. Some of these pages  a token fee before signing up as a member. To avoid being a victim of their scam, you can observe such app rating level and different users’ reviews. The BBB (Better Business Bureau) Can also help you further. On their page enlisted business’ rating and whatsoever complaints made officially on each site you search for on the Better Business Bureau platform.

Below are the list of the top 10 money making apps for smartphones on IOS and Android operating system.

Money App

Best Money-Making Apps

Money App is currently available on Android and IOS. The money App reimburses your wallet by completing a major task on your smart phones once assigned to you. These exclusives include playing games, rendering an opinion, observing store displays, mystery shopping and more you could ever imagine…. The first step required is opening an account once you have downloaded Money App on your smartphone. Now the game began, follow the procedure and start making money through different task available. The good news is that your funds are available on a registered PayPal. However, your payment might come in 3 working days of redeemed rewards which is still spectacular and incredible! An offer like this isn’t overall, many pages paid once a month, this is indeed and extra services. The authenticity of an application can be derived through its ranking. Money App is ranked 4.8 out of 5 stars on Google play and iTunes platform. Many positive reviews can be seen on their page. One reviewer wrote: “I made 10 dollars in just five days. My relentless earn me something significant rather than wasting my precious time and data surfing vanity.”


Best Money-Making Apps

Currently, Apollo works on IOS and Android. The platform is designed in a manner you can earn through many Market surveys, recording details on diaries of different stores and many more missions. The first step is a deep registration that entails some information about you. These information determines your capability and missions designed for your ability and interest. One reviewer wrote: “I love the fact that there is no case of malfunction as I sail through each selection of topics and more…….. Their survey’s format is concise in length and are reasonable. I love this……” You earn rewards that can be redeemed for gift cards, or you can cash out using PayPal. Nevertheless, the least you’ll need to make a withdrawal is $10, and the more you earn; the more your chance to win $10,000 in cash.


Best Money-Making Apps

Are you a photographer by profession or you develop this sophisticated interest by nature? Foap is the best platform to earn incredibly on different pictures you upload to their platform. How does this work? Get a smart phone with a vibrant camera (higher mega pixels), download Foap app either on IOS or Android platform and join more than 2.5 million photographers around the planet. It should be noted that Foap is a platform where brands, advertising agency and individuals can buy images from different customers of their choices. Once you are set. Register an account on Foap, upload a clear photo (a High quality picture), these pictures will then be rated by the registered community. The more the quality, the higher you get paid. These payments range from $5 to $100 per sale. Recently, their uploads now includes high quality videos which will earn you the more. Currently, they are rated 4.3 out 5 stars on iTunes and 3.8 out of 5 stars on Google play. One reviewer wrote: “The app is entertaining, an adventure that allows me to publish my image and earn from the process. Believe it when I say, I like it.”

Fluid Market

Best Money-Making Apps

Circumstance differs from one person to another, a man’s need is another’s abundance. Capital equipments like vehicles of different sizes, different tools ranging from drills, down to miscellaneous things, such as a rowboat, and more are available for rent at Fluid market. How does this work? First, you need a smart phone. Second, download and install Fluid Market on your phone. Once you have one or all enlisted above and you are willing to rent them out, Fluid platform is your best option. This platform is available on IOS and Android, and you can earn up to $24000 per annum by renting out your things.

Currently, Fluid app rating scale on iTunes is 4.5 out 5 stars, while it’s 3.5 out of 5 stars on Google play. One fluid Market user said: “The app is good. I earn simply because I allow my neighbors to use gadget I considered debris. It was really quick to execute and for the fact that insurance is backing me up relieved my stress.”


Best Money-Making Apps
swagbucks apps

Another incredible money making app is Swag-bucks. To operate this platform requires IOS and Android operating system. Once you’re ready, the first step is your registration, which earn you $10 on the spot automatically. What’s more? You gather points through a series of online survey, watching videos, shopping, even strolling different pages on the platform. You haven’t seen it all…… could you believe it is ranked 4 out of 5 stars on both iTunes and Google play? Many opportunities can be derived from the regular survey you do, this can earn you more cash. Nevertheless, you don’t forget that your basic demographics determine the survey you are opportune to observe or work on. Any other opportunity? Yes! On this platform, you can redeem all accumulated points for gift cards or better still, make a return of cash from your registered PayPal account. One user wrote: “This is indeed a medium of making extra money, I do exhausted my funds on Amazon cards just to live an affluent life.“


Best Money-Making Apps

This money making application pays you for lock screen. What does that suppose to mean? As long as you have the app on your phone, once your phone is locked; there comes different advertisement or news on your lock screen. May be you will like to learn more or observe more ads and news depends on the direction you swipe towards. The interesting story is that either you’ll like to learn from each ad shown on your screen lock or not, you always earn form each phone unlocking you initiated. Just imagine this process on a whole day.

Nevertheless, you can always earn more through surveying on the app. Interestingly, you can be paid through PayPal or Square cash; while you can also donate your funds to the charity of your choices. However, as a new starter, your first withdrawal is slated for 3 months, after then, your withdrawal is slated per month. The rating for Slide Joy app is 4.3 out of 5 stars mainly on Google play. One reviewer wrote about her experience: “Who hate free money? I would say none, their four review was only centered on their cash out experience. Still yet, I’ll say they are incredible.”


Best Money-Making Apps

Do you have a book you are willing to dash out? Before you do that, it will be perfect to consider BookScouter money making apps for books that has turned debris in your library. BookScouter app is currently available on IOS and Android. So, how do you earn money? This app allows you to sell your either brand new, spare or old books. The first step is that you should download BookScouter app, then registration follows (Social media handles and emails are acceptable). The only instrument here is your mobile phone camera. Use this gadget to scan book bar-code to generate buyback prices from potential buyers. Concurrently, BookScouter is rated 3.3 out of 5 stars on iTunes while 3.9 out of 5 stars was the ratio on Google play. Nevertheless, some books might not reveal prices codes or current offers despite being scanned. “This is indeed a medium of getting rid of books, I earn 170$ on four books alone, I can’t imagine what am about to do”…. Wrote one user of the Book-scouter app


Best Money-Making Apps

Toluna is an incredible market research app, the astounding effect of this platform is as the result of being able to cash out using PayPal. Furthermore, asides getting paid for every survey, you are entitled to create your surveys based on whatever concept you are willing to engage, e.g. Fashion trends, Food making, Technology updates, etc… All these activities have personal reward on their own. What do you think you should do now? Start by registering either through IOS or Android operating system. There are notifications on beneficial Webinars, observe them more and often for more survey opportunity….. Based on logistics, Toluna is rated 3.8 out of 5 stars on iTunes while 3.3 out of 5 stars is the rating on Google play. “Firstly, Take your time. Over a year now, yet, my experience on the platform is incredible. Once you have a significant point at your disposal, the reward centre isn’t far away, I even prefer PayPal than the like.” ….. Wrote one users on the Toluna Community blog.


Best Money-Making Apps

Another credible money making app is the Userfeel, currently on IOS and android operating system. Observing the user-ability performance of a platform or website is your job. While exploring each website, you will be assigned to perform some basic task, observe the benefits of the website, and make a statement and you get paid. (If you are confused, a video is designed to guide you through on each step required).

For every test you performed, 10$ is paid into your PayPal or Payoneer. However, each test might last for 10 to 20 minutes as the case may be. Nevertheless, you’ll be assessed based on each task to determine your credibility and efficiency. Once you have a significant rating scale, the more test or task will be assigned to you. Remember that you won’t be paid for this qualification assessment. One Userfeel reviewer wrote: “The error code I experienced was while I intended to upload my video, however, the supporting team came to my rescue and recover the content. I was paid so fast. Can’t wait to go for another test ASAP”……


Best Money-Making Apps

Another shot is the musely money making app. Musely can be described as an app structured as a market place whereby different home products can be acquired. Furthermore, another section on Musley app entails women’s affairs on healthy life style, and a series of cosmetics available over the world, skin care tips and fitness appliances. Asides from buying all enlisted earlier, how can you make money on Musely? The basic way of earning legit money is being an influencer (Known as Muse). How is this possible? First, you must create your own store and earn 20% gain on different products you recommend to different customers and they made purchase. There pay out are made twice in a month. The first day and the fifteenth of a month. Since it run on iTunes and Google store, it was ranked 4.7 out of 5 stars on iTunes while 4.3 out of 5 stars on Google play store. One reviewer wrote. “Abudance DIY tips! It’s a wonderful gadget designed for beauty, health, fine craft, and just so much! I am completely carried away with bevy of beautiful contents.”

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